Kaleidoscope Love – Cleave Poem

by Georgia

And then in the midnight silence
as the tears flowed into darkness,
with my tired sighs –  old loneliness
the wounds of neglect –
forgot to fester into sorrow shifted
leaving my heart like kaleidoscope mirrors 
cloven in two, that shattered into patterns
creating a vision, which someone might have called,

A Cleave Poem is in two halves, that is two separate poems, one on the left, one on the right, but when read together  make a third single poem.  Sound tricky… well,  it is. I ended the poem with a single word for both sides of the poem …  and I so put it into bold  italics.  For more about the Cleave Poem go to The Cleave Poetry Webzine where you can read about its origin and history as well as see some examples … and you can also visit Jane Dougherty Writes which is where I heard about it for the first time!


6 Responses to “Kaleidoscope Love – Cleave Poem”

  1. Great poem, and rapid! Thanks for pointing out the link to the Cleave Poetry Webzine. I didn’t know it—will have a look.

  2. Wow !! Brilliant and skilful.


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