Willingly for Me—Easter

by 50djohnson

Poetry challenge: Easter poem.


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Christ willingly took upon himself your sins and mine that day.

In order that you and I would never pay what we deserved to pay.

In agony and pain He cried out ,”Father, forgive them, they know not what they do! ”

Even in death as His skin was scourged, His thoughts were of me and you.

He knew before time began that He would provide the way

For the world to live with Him eternally and it was He who would have to pay.

On Friday night they crucified Him and placed in the tomb so bare.

Sunday morning came, Mary could not find Him there.

Because He had risen, Satan defeated, death defiled the grave,

He bore indescribable pain and grief in order for the world to be saved.e5a5bf70f5a7fc355f9f3478a227a465

He’s ALIVE!!


He’s ALIVE!!


He’s ALIVE!!


He’s ALIVE and I’m forgiven, heaven’s gates were opened wide

How can I ever thank him because for me He did provide,

Eternal salvation, joy, peace, grace, and love

Showering down upon me forever from above?

Sharing Him and Proclaiming Him until the day I die

Is sharing but a speck of the gratitude is my heart’s cry.

So my heart will go on singing Until that glorious day

When I stand in His presence and hear Him say

Well done, my precious one, you pointed others to me

One little Christian shining so that others could also be free.

We’ll never know until that day how many or who will be there

Because you took time to tell this story, and with others His love you shared.

May the world accept your mercy and grace, Changed forever by His Story.

So on this Easter Morning, We raise our Christian voices in all Praise and all Glory!

He is Risen! He is Risen Indeed! Selah and Amen.

3d0ad94c9f58e568603bd94a79c44a8bphotos from Pinterest

ASK FOR PERMISSION © Copyright 2016 Deborah Johnson




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