Walking On Eggshells

by graypoet



Walking down a path and something special happens
Two hearts collide and it seems that things are right
How it happened is not exactly known, but you proceed
Before long thoughts of each other occupy your night.

Maybe it is something that neither really saw coming
Possibly just a mistake that causes you to get distracted
Once, twice, who knows how many times it might take
Until eventually, you couldn’t accept it and you reacted.

There isn’t a script for how to handle a change of course
Going quiet, letting off steam, each goes a different way
The only thing that seems to be a constant in these things
Is that eventually you run out of the right things to say.

This stories been told so many times in this electronic age
Once on a shared path together and now each builds a wall
Like Humpty Dumpty, it doesn’t seem to go well from there
You walk around it or climb up on top, often to simply fall.

Around the wall will be the shattered dreams the two shared
You step trying to avoid things, like Humpty Dumpty that fell
Worrying that you’ll say the wrong thing and cause more pain
Now you see how you get from love to walking on egg shell.

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