Big Hawk and Little Bird

by russtowne

Big Hawk and Little Bird

I stopped to watch a majestic hawk circle a tree

Which stood fifty feet in front of me

Then something tiny caught my eye

A flash of feathers streaked through the sky.

His wings beat so fast they blurred

As he flew into the larger bird

That was at least four times the size

Of that frantic little guy.

The little bird it was clear to me

Was trying to protect his family.

His mate and chicks were in a nearby nest

And this little guy would never rest

He’d never back off or down

As long as the big hawk was around.

The prey would keep at him all day

Until he chased the predator away.

Failure for the hawk meant he’d be hungry.

But if little bird lost he’d lose his family.

So little bird never stopped to pause

Despite the other’s much larger claws.

Little bird kept swooping back

Never letting up on his attack.

It took awhile but the battle was won

The hawk turned tail and began to run.

Little bird gave it all he could give

He made the hawk miss a meal

So his family could live.

With Love,


(C) Copyright 2016 Russ Towne

All Rights Reserved



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