Three More Meetings

by russtowne

Three More Meetings

With just one step

On the wild side

I found myself

On a crazy ride.

Could have gotten off

But was having too much fun

Getting into trouble

And going on the run.

I’d beaten the odds.

I’d beaten them all.

It was somebody else

Who always took the fall.

Then on a dusty street

One fateful day

I killed a man

In Santa Fe.

I tried to make it

Out of town

I got two blocks

Before they chased me down.

Now there are just

Three more meetings

Before I’m done.

Between the Hangman and me

Is number one.

But it’s the third meeting I most fear

As the end of my life draws near.

Number two is with

The Undertaker.

Then it will be time

To face my Maker.


With Love,



© Copyright 2016 Russ Towne

All Rights Reserved


5 Comments to “Three More Meetings”

  1. No problem, try not to forget the ” read more ” 🙂

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