by Cheryl Birch


Rough-hewn, wind carved
Gnarly bark,no pattern alike
Leaning a bit to the east
Giant pines stand guard

Water slapping at their feet
Reflecting their majestic boughs
Strewn rock adorns the shore
Jagged cliff an eagle’s seat

So blue the water and sky
How deep the hue of both
One clear, no clouds at all
The other ripples as boats go by.

Sunshine warms the sandy beach
Making it so golden
Boulders blackened with time
Sit proudly past my reach

What a lovely place to be
Warm sun, cool breeze
Surrounded by God’s creation
His glory vast and free

My sense of Him ignites
My heart overwhelmed
My mind finally calm
His arms around me tight

Leaning against His chest
So quiet, so much love
The earth just disappears
This must be His Holy rest!

Photo taken by author at Pinecrest Lake, CA


4 Comments to “Retreat”

  1. “This must be His Holy rest!”

    And the congregation said Amen

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