Poem of the Day – Pricked East Wind

by paturnerlee

Pricked East Wind


Scalpel ready to slice a sample

Beat the heavy carpet


Dust flying in floating capsules

Mapped down to particles


Scar tender not used but healing

Stealing a flash camera image from the paparazzi


Tender brown skin smooth with cream and wreaking of Sunday

Chamois leather sticking to the shining


Jagged rocks stretching up to greet

Welcome into leaping

The reason for unpaid debts

That in truth amount to nothing

Smothering a dream that is based on illusions

Like a cloud separating before downfall


Hero has wrinkled skin and sagging structure

No longer able to hold a measure of distance

Garbled breathing rattling in chaffed lips whisper

Drift into a slumber


Perfect for lovers

To cry in romantic vagaries

Pitiful and disgusting

As they leap as one

To the crashing green red waves

The chasm


Copyright PTL March 11th 2016


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