The Paradox

by Morgan

The Paradox


Hush of Stillness

Serenade of Starlight

Spilling and Filling

From the Lush Heavens so Bright

Wisps of Moonlight

Streaming from afar

Rivers of Starlight

Intrepidity without bars

Soaring in the Vastness

My Imagination Dreams

Of Mystical Enchantments

No Reality to Intervene

Where Dragon tails turn

Nebulae into dust,

Where the Past is the Present

Where the Memory trusts

All that once was

And All that might be,

Spilling and Filling

The Paradox in Me.






Beautiful Original Artwork by  

7 Comments to “The Paradox”

  1. Well expressed. Love your finale. It was perfect for the poem.

  2. I especially loved:

    “Where Dragon tails turn

    Nebulae into dust,”

  3. I am always moved by your words! Where Dragon tails turn, Nebulae into dust is a wonderful line…take it from one born in the year of the Dragon. Always love what you share Morgan!

    • This means so much 🙂 I am often just as amazed what the Spirit speaks to/thru me. Thank You Ever So Much for following BnV and enjoying my poetry 🙂

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