A new home

by Jem Croucher

27 November

His family had lived
in the same place for years
Safe from harm’s way
with no worries or fears
Foraging for food
in the gardens around
Then up to the homestead
up high above ground

Until one day last summer
with no forewarning
His home was chopped down
one horrible morning
What would he do now
the poor little chap
With no safe have left
from this dreadful mishap?

Yet as luck would have it
and most fortunately
He’s just that same day
found another tall tree
Not too far away
and better in fact
As this was much taller
with more space intact

So as splinters were cleared
from the age old homestead
a family of squirrels
to their new home were led
And now every morning
when sipping my tea
I’ll give them a wave
as they scamper past me

Photo – Jempics

6 Comments to “A new home”

  1. They were lucky to get a new home nearby.

  2. I found myself rooting for the furry family and was glad your creation had a happy ending. I love it when stories are told well via poetry. Thank you for sharing this one.

  3. We have a squirrel that visits everyday, lovely poem.

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