Won’t You Come Back

by graypoet


Come on summer, I know you are out there
I’ve been waiting, your warmth I need to feel
I try to wait until you decide to show yourself
But today I really need you, here’s my appeal.

Bring out that bright spot that starts my day
Let me feel just how radiantly you can shine
I’m not going to complain that it is too hot
I won’t wish you away, let your light be mine.

I know you’ll have days when you need to rain
We all have those clouds that cause us to tear
But behind that darkness I know you’ll return
Push away my depression, I know you’ll appear.

I won’t be wishing you away for winter’s solstice
Warm my skin, bring on the tan and vitamin C
If you can hear my plea and know my own heart
Forget the calendar’s constraint, come back to me.


One Comment to “Won’t You Come Back”

  1. I couldn’t agree more. Winter – enough already!

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