Should We Evict

by graypoet


We all have to decide what we allow into our mind
Things can come in, but we have to allow them to stay
I’m not talking just a passing thought that comes past
I thinking of distractions we let remain or send away.

Some come to take up space that we didn’t put to use
Those bits of trivia that we call up from time to time
Nothing that we would miss if we chose to let it go
Just odds and ends of meaningless lyric and rhyme.

I speak more of those we let come with their words
Too often we refuse to admit we know their intent
We let them in and never find a reason to turn away
Letting them distract us until our resistance is spent.

We probably all have those that we should have seen
Not hearing warnings from our heart or even our friend
Wouldn’t it have been better to evict them and be done
Before they brought something special to a painful end.

6 Comments to “Should We Evict”

  1. Lovely

  2. A great message, and told elegantly.

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