Too Thoughtful?

by graypoet


Dreary days always seem to put me in the mood to think
I know some might realize I always think way too much
But without the warmth and glow of the sun to help me
There are times when my fingers the keys need to touch.

I know I am not alone in looking back at things I have done
We go through life making choices, good ones, even bad
I guess it comes down to how we feel inside as we look back
Can we still smile or not remembering relationships we had.

Each heart that we accept in or that we choose to share with
Those moments are what define who we see ourself to be
At times we have to step back and give a harder examination
Wondering what it is we see, or better yet, how others see me.

Choices come in various shapes and sizes, some matter more
Others might try to help us form the basis for choices we make
But ultimately we each live with the direction we decide to walk
With whoever we push away and whose hand we decide to take.


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