Mother’s Voice

by 50djohnson

11167408_10200662489000152_1017806099_o - Copy

I’m learning each day that you’re gone that I need to rejoice

For you ‘re in Christ’s presence , and I can almost hear your voice.

Not one day passes that I don’t need to talk to you,

Just how am I supposed to handle pain, I Know you suffered , too.

Some days are just plain lonely, and I reach to pick up the phone…

That’s when I remember, you are really gone.

I find myself doing things a particularly perfect way,

Wondering why it matters, it’s because I can almost hear you say,

“If you’ll do it like this it’s faster and and will save you lots of time!

Then, just think of all the wonderful things waiting so sublime,

For you to dream and discover all that will exhilarate your mind,

Remember darling, so many amazing things just waiting for you to find!”

As an artist, a singer,  a hobbyist and a reader of all genres divine,

I learned my love of reading, sitting all afternoons on Saturdays so fine

All of us nestled in your bed, dreaming of worlds far away.

When the best world of all, was the family bed upon which we laid.

Teaching us to dress up and look special on special days,

Still on holidays, it’s just not special unless you plan it that way.

When I’m hurting and lonely You told me,  turn it over to God’s plan

And that somehow God would work it out for the plan that He began.

For God is Faithful to finish what he began in me,

The author, and finisher of our faith is what He is to be.

Teaching me to care and forgive, to have compassion and love

Kindness, peace, and joy,  All attributes acquired from above.

I just wanted you to know, how deeply in my soul you abide

For that’s where Dad and you live now, inside my heart forever to reside.

Praising His name, sitting at His feet, wrapped in His love Divine

Singing  praises to His Glory, Which in the blink of an eye will be mine.

Because you walk with Jesus forever my heart will rejoice..

On this Mother’s Day I can just nearly hear your voice.


2 Comments to “Mother’s Voice”

  1. Such a wonderful tribute to mums!It really touched my heart!

  2. Sofia, Thank you so very much for reading telling me it touched your head your heart. Thanks again, Debbie

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