Photophobia disables me

by Harry

Submitted by Moefi

Love until our existence expire
Walk until the pavements retire..

Photophobia disables me from saying how I really feel…
Given this gun hoping she won’t pull the trigger..
My hearts racing I figure it’s cause of her appeal…

I never told her she’s beautiful but that she was impressive…
I liked her laugh , not quite but slightly aggressive. ..

I know this story seems made up but I loved seeing her without makeup..
I was jealous of the cigarette that rested in her lip even though it was just the tip..

I can still taste the aroma of her perfume.. leaves me with migraines..
Not because of its strength but because of withdrawal pains..

I think about thinking about her sometimes more than I think about her..
I remind myself to remember her so she never feels forgotten..

I know it’s corny to speak about how beautiful as one of God’s Crafts, but those are facts..

Sometimes I feel like lying down on the cold grass and naming the stars we see..
I’m interested in how she speaks and the way she breathes…

Fuck going to Restaurants , I’d much rather enjoy her company alone
No friends no problems no phones..

So for once I can feel like she’s the only one I can have and I’m the only one she wants..

Hyperventilating at the thought of her..
Don’t mistake it for lust or thirst..
This is adoration intertwined with admiration..
Who else inspires me to be a better me

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