How Will You Walk

by graypoet


I felt the warmth flow across my face and remembered you
The sparkle in my eyes was from the reflection of my tears
Standing in the sun with my eyes closed I can still see a smile
But I know that being without you doesn’t give rise to fears.

I remember the time we had to share our feelings together
Walking down life’s path with hopes and dreams yet to live
Feeling the moments that seemed to cause time to stand still
It was because we had a desire for, only the other, love to give.

Life gives us so much in the way of happiness mixed with pain
It is how we deal with things that makes us who we are in life
We can work at the challenges we have to share with someone
Or we can make excuses why things happen and feel the strife.

Each one of us has to navigate our way down this path called life
Relationships will be what we make of them as we travel along
When more than one heart shares the others, problems abound
You might as well walk alone, enjoy the sun, sing your own song.


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