To Advise or Not To Advise

by graypoet


What do you say when you seem to’ve said it all
When words just don’t seem to reach the heart
We all have different ways words seem to touch
They can build us up or at times they tear us apart.

Some people don’t appreciate being given advice
They would rather keep doing what they are doing
They feel it to be a form of criticism or finding fault
Possibly they just feel that you are just interfering.

Others hear the words that you are trying to convey
They just smile, thank you, and continue on their way
The words simply go in one ear and right out the other
And you’re left shaking your head, nothing left to say.

Most friends will feel the sincerity of what you relate
They may ponder the words and a change try to make
These are the ones that can feel how much you care
Appreciating what you say, so no offense do they take.


One Comment to “To Advise or Not To Advise”

  1. This poem is full of truth and honesty. We all think “How can they not know they talk too much or post too much..” Then , we look within… How would I take it? Maturely, I would hope. Blessings, Debbie

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