Your fathers burden

by Dave

Dripping in crystal beads from teeth and claw.
From hand and gaping maw.
Poison from the mouths of children.
Delivered through the cord
so they are born distorted.

Here it drifts in the air
and flows in the streams.
The oxygen and water breed infection
Its not visible but it is indivisible.
Its inbred, ingrained, stains on sheets
running blue and red

Its contamination, infection
Mouldy green and orange bruising,
merging hues of bile
and the vile taste of hate.

Its in the fog rising from the lough.
It flows and drifts left and right of shanty rock
one side loyal the other not.
No stand down.
Peace a farce in this domain.
The sell out not bought into on this lane.
The shame that you would not take up
your fathers burden

© Dave Kavanagh @


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