~ Your Shinning Star

by A. L. O'Prunty

~ Your Shinning Star
I carried a pocket full of dreams

Some slipped through faltered seams

But still I carried on, permanent failure

Was not an option:

We’ve all hit rock bottom

Sinking dreams and all

The challenge is to rise

When weakened by the stall
The stall has a purpose

Shows us who we really are

We either live in reality

Or still, wish upon that falling star…
I’ve never caught a falling star

Have any of you?

Just believe in yourself

That is where your star shines through.
O’Prunty ©


3 Comments to “~ Your Shinning Star”

  1. What a nice poem! Persevere, no matter what the cost, and you will catch that most elusive of all things: a falling star.

  2. I do like this. Just keep on going, it is the only way to make your dreams happen.

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