For Just Five Minutes

by 50djohnson


Blood moon and solar eclipse day on 1640 077

Unsuspecting heartache hiding behind trust’s revolving door,

Jumping out leaving  broken hearts in pieces shattered on the floor.

One unsuspecting moment when hurt shatters  dreams

Changing love into chaos which cannot be redeemed.

Holding out a naive  heart, scorpion’s sudden sting brings pains gasp.

Depression and sadness swooping in snatching happiness from your grasp

Suddenly withdrawing all your heart held dear

Wrapping tightly in protective layers recoiling from painful fear.

Circumstances spinning out of control run amuck with  future dreams,

Standing shocked and broken frozen in time love not being what it seemed.

How do I go on living without our dreams from above?

How do I manage survival cut off from the Father’s love ?

Not being able to hear His voice so tenderly calling me from afar

His precious voice now silent behind life’s painful scars.

Broken hearts  ripped to shreds not able to feel or think

God if you don’t show up soon,  I will surely sink.

How does my mind free itself from bombarding hurtful thoughts?

My heart so wrenched from pain tied up in fateful knots.

Whatever is lovely, whatever is pure a friend lovingly said

Think on these things to exchange pain from consuming thoughts instead.

Replace consuming thoughts by focusing  On God’s Majestic design,

Making promises of hope filled sunrises, once again completely mine,

For Just Five Minutes let my soul soak up sunsets glory painted across the sky

By God’s infinite hand of creation the source of all beauty from on high.

Each day just add one minute to replenish the well of hope

Until I can watch the whole sunset renewed by its scope

Of God’s divine omniscient  love reaching out to touch my heart

For it was His encompassing love needed from the start.

Soon, by adding minutes of worship to each day,

There’ll be no more room for pain when replaced by God’s bouquet

Overflowing with fragrant gratitude when divine love is displayed.

So, if you find yourself sprawled out beyond life’s painful limits

Spend quality time with God alone if only For Just Five Minutes.



“…and He walks with me and He talks with me , and He tells me I am His own, and the joy we share as we tarry there, none other has ever known.”

” They who dwell in the ends of the earth stand in awe of Your signs; You make the dawn and the sunset shout for joy.”  NAS Psalm 65:8

ASK FOR PERMISSION © Copyright 2016 Deborah Johnson




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