Walk On

by graypoet

into the fog on pinterest


What do you say when you have run out of words
How do you reconcile ‘one’ that has become two
Do you take the time to look back and analyze
Or must you accept that your we is now just a you.

With maturity seems to come a realization of facts
I’ve never believed our lives are controlled by fate
Things don’t always turn out the way we intended
We can’t always recognize hurt before it is too late.

There isn’t a manual on how to act or even react
Each of us tends to deal with life in our own way
When finally things seem to get to ‘It is what it is’
I tend to find a quiet place, with nothing left to say.

Acquaintance, best friend, confidant or even soul mate
Whatever term we might put on someone we’ve known
It’s hard not to look back, wonder what could have been
You now turn down different paths, a future not shown.


2 Comments to “Walk On”

  1. I love these words…they are deep but yet so understanding. .. this is amazung

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