Sun-caped Cities – form writing

by Colly

The city has a soul.

Long stretches of wall tower.

Tall streams of shadow’s accentuate.

Narrow rows of passages are a home to some.

An alley, an alley cat, stench filled drunken fool.

The warmth of noon-day creating baked perfume.


But in the peaceful morning hours, newness is seen.

As the sun awakens in hopeful ray across the pavement.

Then climbs anchored beam stops to linger in ocean stream.

Casts a glare in one’s eye as they push open their window curtains.


Mountainous terrain is all but an outline.

Any trees that do exist are the cultured type.

And that’s what makes the city park so refreshing.

Or the stay near the ocean where the wave tranquilizes.

There’s timeless beauty, a soul-tide cry, where cities reside.


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