Reaching for the Stars?

by graypoet


What makes us feel the desire to reach for the stars
To strive to better, to be more than others believe
Are we endowed with a flawed desire for adventure
Or is it a life test that we give more than we receive.

We are told from youth we learn from our mistakes
That challenges we face make us that much stronger
We offer advice and try to put into practice our words
We learn things that make us hurt, don’t do any longer.

Part of our growth is that we realize we aren’t perfect
We try to do better, in what we do and what we say
And if we find those around us give us reason to doubt
Maybe it’s best that we wish them well and walk away.

If we are to look ahead and still reach out for that star
Don’t be around those that make us sad or even shout
Else you may find that star that you are trying to seek
Is just a candle you reach, as someone else puts it out.


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