Concrete Gray

by Heather's Starting End

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“Hey, how you doing,
It has been a while
I’ve been thinking about you
Just wanted to check in
Tell me what’s up,
Is there anything new?”

Holed up, I’ve been,
This loneliness bites my ass

I knew this voice
Was listening
I could speak how I felt,
Once again,
At last

To describe it in a minute
It is kinda like,
Running against
the wind in circles

On an endless sheet
Of shear hard ice

I’m making myself stir crazy
Reflecting on my past and,
How I gave it up too easily
My future now,
Out of my hands

Funny thing is
What gets me most,
The sky is concrete gray
The raindrops fall almost
With my tears that drop each passing day

This life I (live)
A life I only breathe
At times a bottle,
Liquid Band-Aid,
To stop my thoughts
When they start to bleed

It has me sleepless and exhausted,
Keeping me in zombie hell
My days are dark,
My nights are hollow
I’m giving up now,
Can’t you tell?

These promises
I made myself,
That once I’ll break away
These promises have gotten old
Cause on this ice,
I’m still, today

But thanks for asking,
Checking in,
I’m grateful for the call
Not many bother with me now
Not any really,
None at all

So how about we get together,
Again one of these days
I’ll call you when
The ice has melted
When the sun breaks through this concrete gray



5 Comments to “Concrete Gray”

  1. Therapeutic . . .

  2. Wow this poem reflects how I feel. I like the style of talking to the reader nice one

  3. Heather. Hmmm. I am in awe of this write. A voice from behind the grey speaking with natural elequence about pain and lonliness and depression in a real and meanful way. Superb write

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