The Love’s Gone Stale

by K. T. Dibert

The love has gone stale
Like a beached whale.
Sitting in the sun,
Not loved by anyone;
I played the game –
What a shame that was.
You were here, and then you were gone.
Where do I belong?
The kindling flame still
Flickering, just not the same.
It resulted from the cause;
What is, is better than what was.

We’re on two separate paths;
We’ll meet again at last
If I can stop thinking of the past,
And what a blast it was
Then I’d live a day longer than
I’m going to.

The crazy times fly by crazy fast,
And everything I think of
Is already in the past.
I’d rather lose my mind
Than to lose my precious heart;
Rather be at the finish line
Than back at the start.

I was drowned by your love
And suffocated by loneliness –
Separated by miles, affection traded
Only through half-smiles.

But, the love’s gone stale
Like a beached whale.
I had a joke; a laugh; a crash;
One hell of a tale.
She’s distant like a lighthouse
So very far away;
I was waiting for a signal
That may never come.
We shared a corner of time together,
But the love has all gone stale –
By her disinterest I have been impaled


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