I Must Remember

by K. T. Dibert

I must remember that I am human;

I am able to be broken, manipulated –

I am malleable in the most stubborn of ways


I must remember the spaces between friends;

I need not have someone at the doorstep

The night through while I sleep


I must remember the pain I once felt;

I must remember the joy I once had.

I must remember that I am human;

I am destructive, yet easily destroyed.


I just must remember with clarity

That which brought me to this strange corner of time;

But it is as much the clock’s fault for ticking,

As it is time’s fault for passing away.


I must remember to learn,

And I must remember to not forget so easily.

Though, I’ll soon forget to remember

All the memories which stain

The innermost depths of myself


I must remember all these things

So I can tell the youth of this country,

But, they won’t listen;

Just as I didn’t listen . . .


I must remember seconds turn to years

And years turn to decades;

Flowers wilt quickly

And we all likewise age.


I must remember the pain I once felt;

For, I never want to feel it again.

I must remember the joy I had;

For, all I want is to have it back


I must remember that it will be gone

Before I have a chance to do

Anything about it.


I must remember that one day I will be merely a memory;

I must strive for it to be a good one.


I must remember I am alive for the first and last time.


Copyright Kyle T. Dibert, 2016


5 Comments to “I Must Remember”

  1. Welcome Kyle to poets corner and a lovely poem to start with.

    • I really appreciate that. I have journals and journals full of this kind of material — a limitless supply flashing, sparkling words. All waiting for the world to read.

  2. I loved every minute of these words 🙂

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