His Mighty Hand

by 50djohnson


Every time I think of you I say a little prayer,

Hoping the very best for you it’s my way to show I care.

So many times I pray for you to be happy and blessed

Knowing God is leading you upon a bold new quest.

Praying for understanding of desire so deep within,

When His desires become our desires true joy ignores chagrin.

Leaving indelible footprints to guide and lead the way

Listening to His bidding, ever so close to Him stay.

Lift your eyes toward heaven waking from slumber in the night.

He’ll rescue you every time,  prayer  covers every plight.

For He commands His angels to guide, to protect you on  your way,

Guarding your steps from stumbling over problems come what may.

He gives enough mercy daily to sustain my hopes and my dreams

Prayers sent to the throne in my behalf, many more than it seems.

My passions appeared right before my eyes, oh, what a thrill!

Trials become mountains, He reduces them to mere hills,

You ask me how I know He lives, He lives within my heart.

Do I believe God answers prayers , should I just let it fall apart?

Should I let my life be torn apart, like the raging river be tossed.

I believe in a hill called Mt. Calvary, I believe whatever the cost

Prayer opens door to the kingdom but faith unlocks the door.

I believe when I hurt he hurts, calling on His name my heart soars,

For when He hears me call His name, He rushes to my side,

He carries me and comforts me when I can no longer hide.

Prayer is the vehicle I ride to glory to unleash His mighty power

His loving and healing power are all I need in  my darkest hour.

For prayer goes straight to the heart of God, to give me what I need.

When I pray concerning you, I trust Him to answer with speed.

For He knows how much I love you, how very dearly that I care.

We are  both his children, we are his precious heirs.

I’m praying God will intervene, our desires will unfold.

All things will again become new, as on His face we behold.

In His presence  blessings come down and rain upon our dry and thirsty land.

He’s the only one that can change our world by the touch of His mighty hand.



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