Train a-trundles

by Jem Croucher


Train a-trundles daily
inland from the sea
cross a river, through the fields
familiar to me
A journey I know all too well
although it differs every day
as the scenery  changes
when the weather has its say

Sometimes it is murky
river mist obscures the view
And on other days the sunshine
brings a squint and all’s askew
Some days it is raining
and there’s a monotone of grey
But when there’s blue sky overhead
there is colour every day

Train a-trundles through the winter
when sometimes it is white
A panoramic vista that
provides a lovely sight
And it trundles through the spring
and yes, the summer too
onward into autumn
with its red and golden hue

It doesn’t take me very long
Twenty minutes either way
but it’s regular most working weeks
though not quite every day
And the nicest thing about it
is as I’m travelling through
I can never tire of seeing
something every time anew

Photo – Sussex from a railway carriage – Jempics


8 Comments to “Train a-trundles”

  1. About 200 yards from our home there was a train track with steam trains running all day but we never heard them as we were so used to them.

    • Last year, my brother and I walked the bed of a railway line axed during the Beeching Cuts. All 37.5 miles of it. Sad but exciting at the same time. I can vaguely remember travelling on the same line in a steam train when it was open in the early 60s.

  2. First stanza 7th line the word IT. It is the only blip in an otherwise lovely write. I enjoyed this thank you for sharing and consider dumping the it ☺

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