The Secrets Within

by Venkat


Freedom, an open sky
Of layers of walls, scaled
Slippery and rigid
Each wall, made of freedom

Love, a soft bed
By needles of grass, touched
Pricking and sensitive
Each blade, made of love

Peace, a quiet ocean
Of waves of thoughts, provoked
Rising and tumultuous
Each wave, made of peace

Success, a strong home
With bricks of failure, laid
Small and fragile
Each brick, made of success


7 Comments to “The Secrets Within”

  1. Do not write so many. Take into notice that worthy poem is the one which does not generalize things like a prose treatice.That is not any poem.Poems stand on a detail which expresses a feeling .In the two last verses it makes the difference from a prose text.It sees things in its own way,not from a scientist’s point of view but as a sensitive human person could feel the point of feeling..

    • Ok. I note your remarks and take it in due respect. Let me think over it. Thank you for the care.

      • Excuse me for behavouring like a teacher of yours.Take into notice that I was a teacher for thirty years,but too,that I was not an ordinary one.In my career I used to countenance those who had the will to make progress in their life and last ,my main life’s studies were literary critic.I regard you as an apokalypsis of mine.I’m sure you will become a great poet,if you attend university’s level studies in different fields.You have not to attend special studies on poesy,what is important is to be an intelectual person and you can be that way,studying the whole of your life in university’s level.Best regards.

      • With your long experience and age, I know there would be very strong reasons and meaning in that. It is time to widen my lens.

  2. Nice done Venkat; very much enjoyed 🙂

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