The Shallow Expanse

by Morgan

The Shallow Expanse


In the Shallow Expanse of Time

Turning within

A Wheel within a Wheel

Spirals of Epochs Singing in Rhyme

As Renewal Begins

From Real to Surreal



Time Ever Unfolding

To Glisten in the void

Whispers of Echoes



While the Depths of Forgetfulness

Yawn in the Haze

Debating the Judiciousness

Of less Sanguine Days



Yet the Shallow Expanse of Mystery

Breathlessly Awaits

A Leaf Upon a Barren Tree

Lingering Long to be Set Free

Delicately Hesitates

As Chance conspires with Treachery.


This poem, although a bit darker than my norm, touches on the shadows of Grief, Despair, Loneliness and Depression that, at times, affect us all.  The shifting form is meant to symbolize the changing aspects of these emotional states and how they, ultimately, leave us feeling.





Beautiful Photograph by Paulina Bas:  Please find her at:


2 Comments to “The Shallow Expanse”

  1. Now that’s certainly deeper . . .

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