All That I Am-Valentine challenege

by 50djohnson

Poetry challenge: Valentine poem.

Valentine’s Day  2016 by Debbie

The kids , and Valentine's Day 011

All that I am or ever hope to be

Happened  one day when you really looked at me.

As you searched my eyes past all pain at such high a cost,

“So beautiful are your eyes,”you said, “A man could surely get lost!”

You certainly caught my attention and I began to see

It was at that moment, I saw your heart as it looked at me.

So sad and so lonely both hearts needing each other’s love

Having no idea God was about to send it bountifully from above.

Dining at a quaint romantic spot on a cool September night

We enjoyed  our blind date to see Ray Charles  who had no sight.

As he sang , “I Can’t Stop Loving You,” and tears welled in your eyes,

I wanted to take you in my arms and comfort the pain in your dark skies.

Sitting and laughing long into the early morn

It felt as if new true love had just been eternally born.

I shut the door and watched you drive away

Yet, for the first time in a long time I wanted you to stay.

I’ll never forget the next time we were together and the joy that it would bring,

As we stood ready for the National anthem and you began to sing…,

My soul soared above the clouds, caught on the moon, and began to swing.

My voice joined yours and it was a perfect melody of joy

Ours hearts recognized each other spontaneously as it was God’s perfect ploy.

From that moment til now, Monsieur and Madame,

I love you for all that you are and you love me for all that I am.

Happy Valentine’s Day. 2016 To my love, Debbie


2012 105

November 18 , 2014 pink and gray clouds 011


2012 108


photos by  Debbie




ASK FOR PERMISSION © Copyright 2016 Deborah Johnson



11 Responses to “All That I Am-Valentine challenege”

  1. Beautiful thoughts well expressed! Happy Heart day to you!

  2. Lucky Debbie ❤ What a sweet poem ❤

  3. He’s a romantic softy 🙂


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