This Fluid Mind

by Venkat


Who are you?
Making spears of this fluid mind
I aim on my own jelly heart

Who are you?
Making honey of this fluid mind
I pour into my famished heart

Who are you?
Splashing droplets of this fluid mind
I turn tears on my own spongy eyes

Who are you?
Floating as lotus on this fluid mind
I plant tender on these motherly eyes

You harden as stone
When I touch these petals
I hold on my love coated palm

You spring as a flower
When I feel these rocks
In angular thoughts worn on my feet

Who are you?
Crushing this mind, by your waves
Erupting rivers of fire, from this heart

Who am I?
Erecting these hard, monolithic eyes
On a sea of my fluid mind
Tall as thick trees, of muted heights

Who am I?
Touching stones in flowers
Flowers within skin of rocks
As these eyes dissolve
Into shapeless boats
Flowing on this fluid mind


7 Comments to “This Fluid Mind”

  1. I would very much like to translate some of your poems into greek.I have allready translated many others.Are you registered in PH ?

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