Tiger Love– haiku

by Colly

Poetry Challenge: Valentine’s Poem

(clip-art photo)

 hearts Valentines

Petal me with your soft caress.

Dewdrop me with sensual lips.

Careen me with your seething.

Our heart’s, rhythmical, blend.

Send me to your oasis, tigress.


27 Responses to “Tiger Love– haiku”

  1. Peculiar wording for a non native english speaking.

  2. Oh, wasn’t thinking of it in terms of that and there’s many variables to grammar, hum…not sure, but the sentence is correct…

  3. Where do you live Colly ? Let me draw the conclusions by your ort of living .

  4. You know, I’m of the mind that both dewdrop and petals are nouns (the subject of the sentence ? Although that would also be “me” And I’m assuming only on noun per sentence, of course.

  5. I agree Colly, what ever comes into your head goes on paper, who really cares if it’s grammatically correct.

  6. I got your poem checked and its ok, no errors, here’s the result.

    Grammarly was not able to find any errors in your text. Try a different text to see the power of Grammarly.

  7. I love this poem and the freedom to use a noun as a verb, that is a noun which is not normally used as a verb. In poetry one can play with language. Thanks for the Grammarly link, Harry.


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