A Handful of Words

by Peter Notehelfer


Heather McMordie oldprintgallery.wordpress.com

       Heather McMordie oldprintgallery.wordpress.com

I had a handful of words
rolling around in my palm
staring them down as though
to figure where they came from
how it was they might fit together
arranging them like puzzle`pieces
to reveal some kind of a picture
since every picture is worth
at least a handful of words
or some say a thousand 

But suddenly the horse
I was riding on stumbled
It went down and I went up
and with a blip my words went
scattering like a spent`dandelion
on the breeze I had not realized 
was travelling along beside me 
as I rode from here to there
the whither of which I can
not now even remember

“The goal of writing is to keep a beleaguered line
of understanding which has movement

 from breaking down and becoming a hole
into which we sink decoratively to rest.” 
 ~ William Carlos Williams


7 Comments to “A Handful of Words”

  1. it seems those words scattered themselves into another damned fine poem

    • Some art is accidental; some is simply incidental . . . Thanks, Paul, my master`of`words . . .

      • Did you get all my emails Peter.

      • Yes, I did and I’m still wading through the WP posts their HAPPINESS TEAM sent me . . . A lot of it was about trouble with spaces between lines; my problems is more with the formatted indents which their ‘editor’ does not like and constantly wants to correct for me by justifying them to the right margin . . . I did find one note about that but I’m not sure I quite understand it yet . . . I’m working on it! Thanks for your hep!

      • If you run into trouble or need help email me.

  2. William Carlos Williams does have brilliant insights ! Good luck with your poetry.

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