by Morgan


Softly spoken Story

Shouting Loud upon the Breeze,

Whispering Imagination

As it Inescapably Frees

All I know and Wonder;

Every Marvel I e’er could Dream;

Temptation and Oblation;

Mystery beyond what is shown or Seen.

What Story does it Speak to you?

Is it Whispering or Shouting Loud?

Are the characters Docile,

Or Bold and Immutably Proud?

Does the Story Stir your Mind,

Filling you will Dread or Bliss?

Whose Heart will become Entwined?

Which Player will you Ever Miss

Once the Story has finally Unfolded?

Will you be Glad to have Embraced the Tale?

Was it a short-lived Inspiration

Or will it Abide in an Epic Scale,

Stirring your Imagination,

Setting you Adrift upon the Ocean of Dreams?

This Softly Spoke Story

Speaking on Enigmatic Themes.






Beautiful Artwork found on  Credit Acknowledged to the Original Artist.  Thank You!


2 Comments to “Story”

  1. Wow that’s awesome each and every one of the pictures I just love it 👋👍
    Thank you so so much 🙏😄

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