A Million Miles from Anywhere

by russtowne


I’m a million miles from anywhere

Run hard all my life

Got no home, money, or family

No love, girlfriend, or wife.


Every direction I have chosen

Just moved me further away

From finding love and happiness

Or a welcoming place to stay.


Wanting to be somewhere

No clue where that may be

I’m a million miles from anywhere

And even further away from me.


With Love,


Genesis: The phrase “A million miles from anywhere” popped into my head. I liked the sound and imagery of it and this poem quickly wrote itself. I’m blessed that it let me go along for the ride and that what it depicts is far from my reality.

With Love,


9 Comments to “A Million Miles from Anywhere”

  1. Thank you for taking the time to say so, Sofia! I’m glad it resonated for you.

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