Do You Hum Along

by graypoet


There are times you need to hear a song
Something to make your mind go elsewhere
Maybe it will make you simply pause in time
It can paint a picture that will take you there.

A melody that slowly leads you across the floor
Eyes closed and just a slight sway as you move
You remember with a smile a time in the past
Tracing a step like a needle in a record groove.

Maybe it’s a haunting refrain that makes you get up
Your arms and your legs just can’t seem to be still
You clap or you tap and muscle memory takes over
Your body moves itself almost without your will.

But there are songs that can almost be a surprise
Taking your mind back, bringing a sight and smell
You sit holding your hands and bowing your head
So real that it might cause a tear in your eye to well.


8 Comments to “Do You Hum Along”

  1. Your posts always bring a smile 🙂

  2. Music pas been a lifelong passion – but still has the power to catch me frequently by surprise. Tis a wonderful thing.

  3. I come from a very musical family . we have lost six family members in the last months and every time I hear songs in a restaurant, in an elevator, at church… well, you are so very right. Music is the souls own speech.Thank you.

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