“Saints Amongst Us”

by Rellick


We often project saintly qualities in others desperate for something to believe in. A man gives his possessions, not for recognition. A woman sacrifices her career for her family. So on and so on.

I believe in humanity

If only to keep my sanity

I believe miracles happen everyday

We just have to look for them

Recognize your potential

Saints are essential


“Saints Among Us” by Rellick

Image: here

Copyright © Rellick’s Writings/2006 all Rights Reserved

4 Comments to ““Saints Amongst Us””

  1. Wow! Love that 💞

  2. Rellick, I am so excited we ve met through wordpress.I admire your work and most importantly your ethos. As artists, we must emanate such qualities as to inspire people to do good deeds. This poem definitely serves this purpose. We don’t write poetry for money or for promotion but to express what we have iniside of us. And what you have is really special. Love what you are doing! Greetings from Greece!

    • Greeting to you. Very glad to meet you. I am happy you like my posts, because they are from my thoughts. Yes, we need to inspire people. Thank you for commenting.

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