“The Children of War”

by Rellick

I hear it in the cities

Nothing but broken promises

I hear it echo in the mountains

Drowned out now by the pounding thunder

I feel the terror, yet do not see the pain

Cover your ears and close your eyes

Should you feel their plight

Overhead the whine of another bomb

Soon another child is taken

Another family broken

The innocent, the children of war

Pat your backs you mighty beast

For what you’ve taken

The children cry out from their pain

8 Comments to ““The Children of War””

  1. Beautiful poem.
    Oh, Anne Frank and all those other children from the Holocaust, peace be with you!
    You’re really poetic, dear poet:)

  2. Only yesterday just before reaching the safe shore of the greek island Lesbos dozens of them were drowned.The madness of wars ! Sensitiveness in front of the sufferings. Lo ! poets.

  3. I am a big fan of you Rellick. I love your poetic diction and your sensitivity! Good poem!

  4. Very good, all the leaders should be proud.

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