The barbarism of abortion – form writing

by Colly

mother baby hand

(clip-art photo)

Picture a child

abandoned at birth…

Left alone, for a day or

so to await their fate…

((Planned Parenthood))

And what will they do

with this

((live)) child? All that

concerns them, now, is money.

And for some, of them, that

Afro-American’s have earned

their ((rightful)) place !!

What becomes of them then ?

To be sold as a display item

in a museum prompt…

Picked and prodded by

((skilled)) scientists.

Or to adorn your..

skin ?


21 Comments to “The barbarism of abortion – form writing”

  1. What happens when someone agrees with abortion and others agree only in certain circumstances

    • I don’t think there should ever be a convenient time; it’s unacceptable period. And thanks for the reply, Harry 🙂

      • Even when a young girl gets raped, or the baby is so deformed it will die at childbirth.

      • There has been some famous people born from rape victims – and what doctor’s say during pregnancy it’s always the case – ie my mom gave birth to a healthy, bouncy, girl, my sister, even though the doctors said she’d be deformed due to my mom having chicken pox while carrying her. And there’s so many cases, as such, not just the above 🙂

  2. There are a lot of woman / young girls find themselves expecting when raped they should be allowed to abort.

    The case in Dublin a young woman was told that if she went through the term the baby would die and possibly herself, doctors and gov; refused her request and she died, the law has been changed since,

    • From personal experience my grandmother tried twice to abort my mom, unsuccessfully. Later she so enjoyed her six grand-kids (myself and my siblings) My sister was in a relationship and pregnant as a teen and was advised, by doctors, to have an abortion. To this day it makes her sick to think of the idea of not having her son had she listened to other’s advice. Also, for the few that do face complication you cannot penalize the unborn for the one’s that don’t. And these fall into the millions that have no real justifiable reason for having an abortion…thanks for voicing your opinion with me on this debate…my appreciated !!

  3. There are many amazing children of rape. Ethyl Waters,(His Eye is on the Sparrow), James Robinson(Evangelist), Recca Kiesling(noted speaker),Richard Murdock(Execute the rapist, not the child.),Zahara Jolie-Pitt, Jesse Jackson,Kelly Wright of Fox and friends,Frederick, Douglas, (abolitionist), and Andrea Bocelli(opera star). These are just some. Thank you Collie for being brave enough to tackle such a sensitive subject.

  4. I feel if the mother’s life is in danger, she should be allowed to make the decision erself.

  5. I work in a home for severely mentally and physically handicap and some are both.

    The parents decided to keep the unborn child, and then in a few years decided to put them in a home because they can’t cope or didn’t want it anymore.

    It’s ok no saying abortion period, but until you come face to face with it, and if you did it might be different when your told what ailment it has.

    A few weeks ago I saw a blind – deaf – paraplegic, what a life, I felt so sorry for him.

    • O I know; their love typically runs deep as does their strength… the mentally handicap ones often are the ones you keep for life and they bring lasting reward, company, love…stated from a couple, I knew, who had such a child. And although life can restrain in some way’s sometimes these one’s are very gifted. 🙂

  6. Its the way of the world, you in one corner and me in the other, discussion takes place, nothing changes, things keep happening.

  7. Partial birth abortion is barbaric!!
    Have you ever watched a video of the procedure??? It will be embedded in your mind forever. 😦

  8. It wasn’t for me either but it really shows the barbarism side it. God have mercy on us as a nation and civilization!!

  9. I completely understand. It is not something you csn unsee once you’ve seen it.

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