A “Chemistry and Magic” Poem and Two Limericks

by Joel Kravitz

I was recently reading an article on computer dating and it was about what people are looking for. There are many things – security, friendship, companionship, acceptance, a soul mate and other similar things. But the article said the number one thing that people are looking for in their profiles is CHEMISTRY.

They are looking for something intangible and hard to describe yet unquestionably real. It is powerful stuff and it can easily defeat common sense and good judgment. It can make talking difficult and can make thinking just about impossible. Sometimes they call it Magic.

Many years ago, I wrote a poem about Magic. I wasn’t trying to write an artistic romantic love poem. I was trying to get laid. I sat down and got to doing my thing and what I came away with was a real poem. I looked at it and said to myself, “this is pretty good stuff.” Before I sent to anyone, I let it sit for a few hours to see if I still wanted to send something like that out for the intended purpose. There was a lot more to this than the MDS classic “Roses are red, violets are blue, blow me.” This poem had potential emotional fallout attached to it. I put it away for when I needed it. I read it to Mimi at our wedding dinner and I read it at her funeral. There was no denying that we had it.


A little something in which I would like to believe,
Despite being the fine art of how to deceive;
Is Magic nothing more than a contrived illusion?
I’d prefer to embrace the illogical conclusion.
There is something Magical about human attraction –
How it ignites such a powerful yet natural reaction
That overwhelms and enslaves the body and mind
To search for something illusive you may never find.
Still, I believe that the moment her eyes met mine,
We found that Magic is something that is Truly Divine.

I found it one more time with Arleen. And it was much different. Mimi and I were very much alike and Arleen and I were opposites. But there was something about how she made me feel that made me want to be the very best me I could be for her – that is Magic and Chemistry at its best. I am sure I will recognize it if it ever comes my way again.

I was thinking about it this morning while walking the dog and the first limerick popped in my head. I had already written the second limerick. The two came together just like H2 & O – Chemistry!

You settle on things that to you are a must,
And there’s that pesky little matter of trust.
But if you’re looking to see
Magic and Chemistry…..
Could it be as simple as “like” plus “lust”?

Mother Nature will have her say,
And Human Nature will get its way.
Love’s Magic spell
Is truly au naturale…..
And Chemistry is Nature at play.

3 Comments to “A “Chemistry and Magic” Poem and Two Limericks”

  1. Love the poetry! Can’t say I agree though. Perhaps really young people on dating sites think only of chemistry and even for the older person chemistry is important. But is it the only thing one wants from a relationship! Naaaah!

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