A mother to her son

by The Cheesesellers Wife

A mother to her son

When I look at you, I need to look further up

Each time I come home from work you seem to have changed

My eyes devour you

I hug and hold you to discover your changing frame


    Copyright © 2015 Kim Whysall-Hammond

9 Comments to “A mother to her son”

  1. Welcome to poets corner Kim. Don’t for get your name 🙂

    He’s spread out with not a care and the remote in his hand 🙂

  2. I can totally relate! My oldest son is now 6’1″ and I’m only 5’5… my husband is only 5’7″…. we look at him and scratch our heads and say “didn’t we make that? Wasn’t he tiny? Oh yeah, that was yesterday…”

  3. Both my lads are over 6 foot and still growing! This poem was written for the younger, shooting up last autumn.

    Then he grew 3 more inches across Christmas….

  4. Yes, there are a lot of bewildered parents out here !

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