Love Me Like I’m Gone

by Tiffany Layne

I just wish you would love me
like you already know
That I would leave you twisted
If I decided to go
But you take me for granted
Because I’ve always been here
You refuse to acknowledge
That I could disappear
I could go chasing for love
That would make me dance in the rain
Or find a new reason
To smile Again
But I hold on to hope
I hold on to a dream
Take me in your arms
We’ve got more than it seems
You’re the storm I want to weather
The mountain I want to climb
The moonlight in my darkness
The reason to my rhyme
But you forget to see me
You forget to see US
For all that we’ve been,
You’ve forgotten our love
But I know if I left you,
You’d be lost in Regrets,
So pretend that I’m gone now,
And just love me like that!


3 Comments to “Love Me Like I’m Gone”

  1. Love it; so meaningful 🙂

  2. Love it, so fantastic! Nice work.

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