Ashes and dust

by justinvanweerden

When I was younger than I am to day
This is what I used to say:
,,When I grow up I want to be a policeman”
Well I didn’t became police just a man
Still I am the same as I was back then
I am still doing everything I can
I’m still loved and I still love
For me that was always enough
But now I am older I am seeing more
I See things I used to ignore
Back in the day when I watched sesamestreet
When I didn’t know a heart could bleed
One day I started watching the news
Stories about killing and abuse
They seemed to control the earth
Stories about people getting hurt
I still remember that day in 2001
It was the day my childhood was done
I saw a city filled with smoke
I saw a nation about to choke
Still people live in pain and without being loved
Living like shadows, blindfolded and handcuffed
Crawling through the valleys of life
Feeling more death than alive
Wandering through a dessert looking for an oasis
All they can find is a mirage
Even close at home people live in poverty
Getting food and clothes from charity
Living on the streets and in wrecked homes
Living under our created domes
People getting killed because the color of their skin
Dear God if You do excist can’t you hear me beggin’
If You do please help us please you must
Because right now humanity turns itself into ashes and dust

Copyright Justin van Weerden

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