A new tree

by Jem Croucher


Last year the tree outside our house
got ill and sadly died
And when they said they would replace it
I fear we thought they’d lied
But then to our amazement
just the other day
A little sapling tree appeared
in its place across the way

Of course it’s much, much smaller
than the one it’s place has taken
But we don’t really mind at all
As we’re pleased we were mistaken
And give it twenty years or so
that little tree will grow
into one that’s tall and leafy
just like the one we used to know


For a poem about the predecessor, see ‘Gone‘ from 12 June 2015

Photo – Jempics

2 Comments to “A new tree”

  1. Marvellous poem… please go through my poem and do follow my blog if you like it.

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