God Knows Your Name

by 50djohnson

April16 golden storm 021

God Knows Your Name


You cannot telling by looking if their heart is broken

You cannot tell by hearing their tearful words unspoken.

But if you get on your knees to kneel

Pray for broken hearts He can surely help to heal.

You cannot tell by looking if  all they do is fight

Most of their married moments so lonely in the night.

But if you get on your knees to  pray,

His unconditional love will fill you today.


You cannot tell that child who comes to school  hungry every day.

Nor  little brother’s  back bruises  so no one can see or say

BUT if you just pray earnestly come what may

To send someone to intervene, letting healing begin today.

For that man who struggles his whole life through giving his very best

For all the nights he fell asleep crying not knowing how to get the rest.

Asking from His abundant supply, this kind man be richly blessed…

Let him know for certain that he had given his best.

OH, Lord, for the ones who are not safe tonight, cover with your blood-soaked stain

That the evil one who plans them harm will find himself the brunt of all pain.

Bow before Him and lift them before His throne.

May the whole world see you care for them, for we are surely your own.

Take care of the precious little one who no one really wants

For the thought of abortion in his Mother’s mind haunts.

Go before Almighty God and ask for His divine plan

Giving that Mother courage for life to take a stand.

Wrap your arms of comfort around the aged and forgotten

Bring someone to listen, hug, and care. Bring it to them often.

When you go before Almighty God, millions are all alone.

Pray His mercy, love, and presence in their hearts are known.

Be beside those in constant pain never knowing relief

Touch their bodies with mercy giving them moments of reprieve.

Lift their spirits with quiet hope and moments without pain.

Pray for them emotionally for God knows them by name.

So much heartache in this world, Only You can bring them hope.

Only You can bring the love and joy to help them really cope.

Praying , lift up the world’s weak,

Pray they’ll hear your still small voice deep within them speak.

Just remember when you’re hurting and when your heart is blue

He knows exactly where you are , He has not forgotten you.

No matter what your heartache , no matter what your pain,

God Almighty loves you and knows you by your name.



7 Comments to “God Knows Your Name”

  1. Powerful and absolutely beautiful!!! Love this!!

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