Awaiting eyes

by Harry

Submitted by Fatima Ahmed

(Dedicated to those put under care)

‘Mommy! don’t leave me alone
I want to stay with you’
‘Mommy’, she lets out a groan,
And sheds out drops of dews.

‘Mommy! These people ain’t good
They don’t hug me like you,
They beat me hard and scold me loud
There’re very very rude!’

‘Mommy! Oh do come back,
And tuck me back in bed.
They make me cry ever so often,
And ask me not to fret’

‘Mommy, did you run away?
Like daddy did before?
The people here say that’s the truth,
And so I shall do my chores.’

‘Mommy! It’s a dark dark place
I hope you do realise,
And come to rescue me from here,
A world made up of lies.


One Comment to “Awaiting eyes”

  1. The cries of children can be heard around the world. Your poem cries out for all to be kinder and wiser.

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