Casablanca 2

by William

He was there every night

“Tickling the ivories” as we used to say

Sam was a big man

Who caressed the piano until first light


“Play it again Sam”

“Here’s looking at you, kid”

We used to tease him with famous lines

From Bogart’s movie “Casablanca”


Sam was always a true gentle man

Whenever he started to sing

The patrons would quieten

And let his voice warm the room


One night, not too long ago

Sam was at the piano, softly playing

Our favourite song “As time goes by”

When a loud voice shattered the calm


A Frenchman who had too much to drink

Had pulled a gun when asked to leave

Sam seemed to know him, or so it appeared

Sam rose from his piano and calmly said


“Go back to Victor, that’s where you belong

If you don’t go back, you will regret it for the rest of your life”

“But what about us?” asked the Frenchman

“We will always have Paris” Sam gently answered



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