A Six Line (Yes, it took six lines for this one!) State of The Union Limerick

by Joel Kravitz

I try to keep my limericks light and use them for jokes about relationships, sex, marriage, and getting old which are things that I know just enough about to be able to write my dumb jokes. But every so often, current events or some other serious thing causes me to think and reflect and make an observation and/or comment. I did that when the government was on the brink of shutting down because the partisan politics in Congress chose to butt heads rather than seek solutions.

What this country now has is a very small number of buttheads (relative to the population of this great country) elected by an even relatively smaller number of citizens making decisions and laws that effect 350 million people in this country and around the world. This small powerful group exercise their rights to participate in the political process by buying elected officials on every level of government. And those bought and paid for elected public servants (?) are obligated to the smallest minority in the country, the people who garner power by using their wealth and influence to put their people into these positions of power. It is mind boggling to me.

I was thinking about this yesterday and this popped into my head. It was so disturbing that my creative process went into warp. I found myself in a parking lot writing it down and I realized that five lines was not going to do it. I wound up writing a mutant limerick about our mutant political situation. Cover your heads and grab your ass – it’s election time.

Zealots claim to know what God would say.
And personal gain gets in the way.
If our founding fathers only knew
Power would be held by so few…..
Smart people do stupid things every day
And it always has been and will be that way!


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