The Christmas Star

by 50djohnson

Poetry challenge: Christmas poem.



photo by Debbie


Looking up in the black night sky, gazing upon the Christmas Star

What do you wonder, what do think about the shepherds from afar?

What  did they feel when the star appeared above their barn that night?

Did hearts race with excitement when angels filled the sky with light?

Kings bringing gifts to the King of Kings, before Him they bowed low.

To give Him honour as He came to earth to save the world below.

Multitudes of heavenly hosts sang Alleluia to the Lamb.

For this tiny little King of Kings was also the Great I AM.

God’s heart must have been heavy that night giving the world his son.

God knew from the beginning of time  His Son’s work had just begun.

.Angels sang glory to God in the highest, peace, goodwill towards man

Hallelujah to the King of Kings, they sang again and again.

Shepherds, Kings, and angels on high knew it was a special night

A manger turned into a throne for this holy,  magnificent sight.

The whole world paused welcoming the King who would one day die for all.

As Mary and Joseph brought their child to be born in the manger stall.

So tonight as I look in the night sky at the beautiful Christmas Star,

I can nearly see the shepherds coming, traveling from afar.

I can nearly feel the shepherds awe, and hear the angels singing

For He lives within my heart tonight, it was hope He was bringing.

Joy to the world, the Lord has come, let heaven and angels sing.

For throughout history and all time, He remains the King of Kings.

Blood moon and solar eclipse day on 1640 077


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