I am the link man

by Harry

Submitted by lyski

I am the link man
I am the messenger
I am an angel that will get you where you need to go

You will sit there at the back boy
Staring to the side
Don’t ask me to go fast
No request for a slow
You keep staring out the window
Your in a river with the flow
But don’t ask me for advice girl
Really I don’t know

It’s a last chance for freedom
A government has your number
You’ll be working for your rice soon
Fighting for a pay
You’ll be tied to the earth soon
No friends will hear you say

Give me back my freedom
Take me to that day
When I was a young buck when
Fighting was for fun
Some of us had all the luck
With a free heart on the run
Just don’t take me to prison
I ain’t done nothing wrong
Why do I have to listen
To some worn out boring old song

Take us now link man
To a place called somewhere cool
And don’t feed us the bullshit
Because this time keeps running out
We know you got the skills dude
To keep us running there
This life is like a race dude

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